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Eva, Colorado’s Wild Lesbian Latina

Latina Porn Amateur

I loved working with this Latina porn star from Colorado. Unlike most of my porn models, Eva was a year or two past 18 and a true joy to work with. Her first amateur porn video was a lesbian video featuring her and Lady. After watching these two sexy lesbians fuck for over and hour with an energy I envy to this day, I finally had to rest may arms and I set the camera down for a minute. I had the chance to travel to Malibu, CA with Eva and we shot this picture in the deserts of Utah. What a wild creature Eva is. See all of Eva’s porn at

Candice, The Girl Next Door Likes It In The Ass

Anal Sex Girl

Candice’s daddy is a banker and this teen slut does porn for fun! Anistaija introduced me to Candice but I never really got a chance to talk to her until one morning after hanging out at the clubs, I ran into her at the local breakfast joint. I was eating with Thena when Candice walked in – two hours later, Candice was eating Thena’s sweet teen cunt as Russ and I filmed the two lesbians in what would be the first of many nude, lesbian and hardcore porn videos I would make of this Colorado Amateur Porn actress. Did I tell you she has a great ass? Check out to see Candice in hot hardcore anal action.

Fold Her In Half And Fuck Her Silly

Nothing like having a flexible teen cunt that you can fold in half and fuck hard. Amateur porn model Thena Sky is just such a teen and in addition to being super flexible, she’s a whole lot of fun to fuck too. I’ve always said that one of the thing I admire in a young woman the most is the ability to but her knees behind her ears – maybe that’s why I like watching this cute brunette teen slut fucking so much. Just watching this skinny teen’s puffy teen pussy take such a thick cock is a real turn on.

Thena Sky With Her Knees Behind Her Ears

Thena Sky With Her Knees Behind Her Ears

Thena Sky has done a handful of amateur porn videos for Glass Mannequin Productions and has earned a reputation for a no-bullshit little fuck angel.  In this video, she takes Richard Nailder’s thick cock as deep as he can pound it. You can see more of this cute teen amateur whore getting fucked at Glass Mannequin and on Real Colorado Girls – check her out today!

Honey, Natural Latina Teen Porn Actress

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This sexy teen slut was my very first hardcore porn model. Her and her girlfriend did a girl-girl shoot then we fucked the two teen sluts in their first hardcore groupsex video. Honey’s made a good half dozen amateur porn videos for Glass Mannequin and each one is as hot as the next. Honey is more than a model, this teen pornstar is a sweet a person as you’ll ever meet – Honey truly is the girl next door.

Brooke, Awesome Natural Tits

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Brooke has some of the nicest natural tits I’ve ever had the pleasure to photograph. I met Brooke at a local club and she was soon getting naked for the camera. Brooke has done a handful of nude photo shoots and three hardcore porn videos and a few lesbian porn videos. This amateur teen is 19 now but had just turned 18 when I took this pic. Those tits are real and stand up so nicely when she’s on her back. You should see her fuck!

Aerynn, Great Booty And Kinky As Hell

Aerynn Amateur Model

Aerynn taught me a thing or two about sex ;-) . Aerynn came to us a year ago and did a few nude photo shoots before getting in front of the video cameras. One needs to watch this kinky little cunt or she may surprise you – her personal life is as kinky as her life as an amateur porn star. She likes to pick up guys and “show them the ropes” – be careful out there….. LOL