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Teenage Mom Jazmine And Her Brother

Jazmin Taylor is a real nice teen but her brother pisses her off all the time so she pushed his lanky butt down the stairs and hurt the whiny bastard – now he wants to fuck his sister over as revenge. And he planned on filming the whole thing! Of course, he never told his sister before hand or the dark haired cutie would have really hurt his stupid butt. In this picture of the siblings, Robert is laughing at his sister as she learns that she is going to have sex with Richard Nailder as he shoots it.

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Sibling Rivalry

Actually I was pretty surprised to see this sweetie actually fuck the old man in front of her brother but after all the shit her brother had been giving her, she was probably ready to bend over and let her brother video her round amateur butt as she took Richard Nailder’s thick boner deep in her sweet little pussy. You can watch the HQ entire video that her brother made of her on Bring Me Your Sister today.

Brother Films Sister In Her First Porn Video

Brother shoots Sister In Her First porno Video

Jazmin clothes her eyes and enjoys the fat boner of the older man as he slides it deep into her wet little pussy. Feeling the older man’s hands on her massive natural rack, she almost forgot that her brother was filming her having sex for the first time in front of a camera.

Brother Filming Sister Fucking

Brother Filming Sister Fucking

This sexy amateur dark haired can be seen on Bring Me Your Sister by clicking on the picture of her and her brother above.

Nasty Horny Mom Real Colorado Coed – Phoenix Fernandez Masturbates

Phoenix Fernandez is a local Latina teen that was just a bit curious about one of the sex toys I had lying around the house so when she kept teasing me about trying it out, I agreed – on one condition – that she do her first porno video while testing the new sex toy. This 18-year old hot young mom was very nervous about getting naked in front of the camera but she soon relaxed and was fucking herself like she was all alone. Her over-sized natural melons and her clean shaved coochie were bared for the first time for the world to see.  If you ask me, Phoenix should go all out in porno but who knows – this local amateur teen may be too shy to be a porno star. So enjoy her porno audition and to see more, please visit Real Colorado Girls and see phoenix and her amateur friends fucking and sucking on camera for the first time.

Phoenix Fernandez Porn Audition

Phoenix Fernandez porno Audition

Phoenix started out slow but was soon stuffing a glass dildo deep in her shaved teen mom cunt as she worked her puffy clit with the vibrating egg. To see her entire porno audition visit Real Colorado Girls

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Teen amateur Phoenix Fucking herself

Eighteen year old Phoenix Fernandez auditions – Real Colorado Girls

Hot Perverted Mom More Homemade Video Of Me Fucking Cheyenne

I promised I would come back and post a few more video videos of me fucking Cheyenne so here they are. In this first scene, I’m ho;ding the camera as I fuck Cheyenne’s tight teen mom cunt. In the second scene, I’m still holding the camera but most of the footage is from the tripod camera. When I invite a chick over and there’s a good chance that she’ll let me video her, I always make sure I have all of my camera’s ready to go.

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In the third scene, I did a little picture-in-picture so that you could see what it looks like from her camera and from the camera on the tripod. When making real homemade sex movies, be sure to remember where you have the camera pointed so you don’t wander out of the frame while you’re fucking your woman.

By now, you’re all wondering where we’re fucking! One cool way to get laid is to have a cool back yard – so I put not only a hot tub in my yard but also an Indian tipi (also spelled tepee or teepee). I once had an Indian friend tell me that every woman wants to get laid in a tipi once in her life and so far, I’ve had pretty good luck ;-) .

In fact- I guess since I’m fucking Cheyenne in my tipi – it must be a Cheyenne tipi……. Fuck that’s a cheesy joke – but then again, if you take yourself too seriously, you’ll never get babes to let you make homemade sex movies of you fucking them. Trust me – relax and get out the camera – or in a pinch, check out Real Colorado Girls – where I always have the best real babes in real sex scenes.

Young Mom Brother And Sister Make A Smut Video Clip

Few things in life piss me off more than when my stupid fucking sister wrecks my shit. The slut never makes it right and the little cunt still thinks she can take my things and use them when she wants. Well, I’d had enough when my sister fucked up my vid camera. I love making videos and so when I saw this guy’s add in the paper, I told the little cunt she was going to “earn” me a new camera – of course, I didn’t tell her exactly how she was going to earn it. We showed up at the guys place that ran the paper and I explained what a little cunt my sister was. The guy was very understanding and quickly explained that he would pay for my camera if my little sister would make a porno.

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I was a bit shocked at how easy it was to talk the little hussy into making the smut – she didn’t eve flinch when the old guy told her that he would be fucking her and I would be filming it. I think the little hussy wanted me to see here sweet little shaved pussy. In fact – it was a lot more fun for me than I thought it would be. Watching that old bastard slide his fingers in and out of my sister’s shaved muff got me really fucking horny.

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I could tell she was a good fuck cuz the old guy fucking my sister was really enjoying it. He would grab my sister’s round ass as he pounded his over-sized meat in her sloppy wet shaved pussy. It was kind of hard to hold the camera steady with so much hot fucking going on but I think I did a pretty fucking good job. I can’t wait to get a copy of the vid I made so I could show my friends what a hussy my little sister is. And the best part – I have a new camera of my own so I can video the little hussy secretly now.

My sister\'s round ass

Sure you can see the entire vid featuring Tasha Burke – just check out the old guys website at

I Love Hot Young Moms

Violet Little is only one of the hot young moms that I’ve fucked while performing for Bring Me Your Sister. This was Violet’s 2nd sister smut scene and yes, that really is her brother filming me fucking his sister.  Violet Little is a small young mom with letter-perfect natural boobs and a tight little cunt. She is also one of the most orgasmic teens I’ve ever known. Violet only appears on my sites so be sure to check out all of her hardcore amateur video clips today.

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