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There’s something about Latina teen moms that just makes one desire to pull his boner out ad stuff it in her mouth – and the dark haired Latina Joe Vargas is no exception. The first time I watched this sexy young mom sucking boner I knew I wanted to someday slip my throbbing boner onto her mouth and let her blow me until I fill her mouth with cum…….  Of course, seeing Joey’s monster doe eyes as she looks up while sucking a fat boner is just about enough to get most men to just fill her wet warm mouth with hot sticky jizz.

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Joey Vargas Sucks Cock

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My sister is a real cum dumpster so when she broke my play-station I decided to pimp her little cunt out and make her make a smut video. When I read this dude’s add in the local paper looking for sister’s that had pissed their brothers off or owed their brothers cash, I called him and he told me he would pay me if i made my sister fuck him in front of the camera. He even told me that he would let the brother shoot him fucking his sister. Hell, this was the perfect punishment for my little cunt sister.

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So I told Violet to go with me and I drove her to this old guy’s place – he invited us in and and asked a lot of questions about what the little cunt sis to piss me off. Then he told my sister that she could fuck him and he would pay me for the broken play station. My sister was a little pissed but I wasn’t letting my sister leave till she fucked somebody. I kinda wanted to see her get fucked by this old homie.

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Old Guy Holding My Sister Down

My sister resisted a little but as soon as the old guy started licking my little sister’s cunt, she started moaning like a little fucking cum dumpster. Fucking little cunt was really getting into it and it didn’t even bother her that her own brother was filming her get fucked.

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It was kinda hot filming my little sister getting her little cunt eaten by the olde guy at Bring Me Your Sister. I was a little shocked at how much the little cunt liked it and it made me a little horny to see my sister’s vagina. Fuck, it got even hoter when the little cum dumpster started rifding his pecker like it was a rodeo bull. You can see all of the video I made of my sister on

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Last week my sister’s fucking coochie ate my lizard – now I know what you’re thinking but that’s not what I meant. You see, my stupid fucking sister has this stupid fucking cat that won’t stay the fuck out of my room. I had this exceptional terrarium and a really cool iguana lizard. Her cat got in the room and knocked the terrarium off the desk and the cat killed my iguana. My sister had no bucks to pay for the lizard so I decided to pimp her lazy butt out to a guy that makes sister porno shoots. I called the guy and told him what my sister’s coochie had done and asked him if he could help punish her for not watching her cat. He told me to bring the little cunt by his place later that evening and he would let me film he in my sister’s first porno video.

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As soon as I got off work, I threw my sister in the cars and took her over to the guy’s flat. He invited us in and explained to my sister that she could earn the bucks to pay for my iguana and e few2 extra money for her – all she had to do was make a porno movie with him. She was pissed – at first she wanted to kill me but my sister had no way of paying me back except by fucking. She finally accepted and was ready to fuck the old guy but then he told her that I would be filming them. She didn’t lust after her brother filming her undressed – let alone having sex but the little cunt had no choice. It was either pay for the lizard or get the fuck out of my flat. So there I was, filming my sister suck this guys cock…. It was fucking exceptional to see how embarrassed she was at first – but then my sister started enjoying riding his substantial pecker and it got a little weird again. My sister must have had half-a-dozen orgasms as she fucked in front of my camera. The little cunt kept moaning and fucking harder as I sat there and filmed her pink coochie taking this guy’s king-sized pecker. I never knew my sister was such a fucking little skank. Anyway, the guy said I did a perfect job filming my sister in her first porno movie and invited Cameron Dane back to make more porno if she wanted. He also told me I could download my sister’s first porno video at

Mischievous Teen Mom Mom Joey Vargas, Sexy Young Mother I’d Like To Fuck Fucks The Boss

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Lattina sweet heart Joey Vargas is one of only a handful of MILF’s that we’ve shot but if more girls were as sexy as this mother I’d like to fuck, we’d be fucking more of them. I’ve known Joey for a few years – in fact, her ex used to hit on my ex while we were both married. Guess the laugh is on him. Joey had never done smut but when she found out that I was in the business, she had to work with us. She did a handful of shoots both nude and hardcore – you can see them all on our premier amateur smut website