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Young Horny Mom What A Smile – Alliyah Sky Covered In Cream

If you’re the type of person that notices a babe’s smile then you are going to love watching Alliyah Sky every bit as much as I love working with her. I was looking over my blog I realized that I hadn’t posted any pictures of one of the cutest teenagers I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with and definitely one of the teenagers with the sexiest smile. I had already put a few pictures in this free sister porn gallery that you might like or you can download the full shoot on Bring Me Your Sister right now but I hadn’t put any pictures of this natural wonder on my blog yet.

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What A Smile – Alliyah Sky

I first met her when her brother showed up with her at my door claiming some bullshit sob story about how she owed him coin. To tell you the truth, I really didn’t give a fuck what she broke of his, after seeing her smile for the first time, all I could think about was covering her beautiful face with jizz. So handing her brother a camera, we headed off to the bedroom and I was finally undressing this Asian beauty………  I have a few free sister porn pictures or you can see them all on Bring Me Your Sister

Alliyah Sky - Fun And Sexy

Alliyah Sky – Fun And Sexy

But I still wanted to see that sexy smile covered in jizz – damn her for blocking ;-) . I guess I should have warned her first but that takes all the fun out of it. Much better to just take aim and fire – some always gets through no matter how hard they try to avoid it – LOL.

Alliyah Sky Trying To Avoid A Facial

Alliyah Sky Trying To Avoid A Facial

But back to her :-) ! Even with a wrinkled nose and a face splattered with jizz, Alliyah Sky still has a sexy smile – and since she’s local, expect to see a few more sets on my sites of this sexy Colorado babe.  That’s if I can get her to come back after giving her a surprise facial as her brother filmed.

Alliyah Sky Covered In Cum

Alliyah Sky Covered In Cum

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Young And Nasty Mom My Sister’s A Cunt

Logan’s fucking sister is a real cunt! She thinks she can use her brother’s shit and never cares if she ruins it or not. Last week, the little cunt had a little party at the abode and took his guitar outside to show off to her friends. Everyone knows that Logan’s sister can’t play worth a shit but that never stopped the little cunt. His sister screwed up when she set the guitar against the fence and forgot it – probably cuz the little skank was getting her cooch fingered by some stupid bro that thought fingering his sister’s cunt was more fun than hearing her play.

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Not that I disagree with the guy – from what I learned, fingering his sister’s pussy is a lot of fun. Anyway, Logan’s sister forgot the guitar and left it out – it rained that night and the guitar was ruined. Now most little sister’s don’t give a shit if they fuck their brothers over and why should Logan’s sister be any different. The little skank figured she could get off with no punishment – that was until her brother saw my add in the paper. “Has your sister ever done you wrong? Has she pissed you off? Trashed your things? Then cast her in her first smut scene and get a few cash for her indiscretions. – We grudge-fuck your sister for you and let you shoot it…. revenge has never been so sweet!”

cheyenne is a little nervious about showing her tits to the older man as her brother films her first porn video cheyenne kisses the old bastard as her brother films it

The next day Logan was on my porch with his sister waiting to shoot her in her very first smut scene. One thing about pissed off brothers, they can make their sister’s life miserable and smart brother’s know that revenge can be a lot of fun. Cheyenne’s brother not only got to see her fucking, he got to shoot it and now has a copy of his sister’s very first smut video to share with his friends.

his sister sucks cock better than most filming his sister as she gets her teen pussy licked is a real turnon for her brother

As usual, I’m putting 6 teasers here today – and will follow up with a few new ones in a day or two so be sure to bookmark this page and check back for more shoots of Logan’s sister fucking. Of course, you can visit now to see the full-length high-quality scene and pictures right now.

Young Naughty Mom Latina Snatch – Joey Gets Fucked

Joey gave me a grand blow job in an earlier scene but in this one she’s taking my over-sized cock deep in her shaved Latina pussy.  A little background…….  Joey’s husband used to fuck my ex-wife so I decided that vengeance was only fair. And I even sent the stupid fuck a copy of the film so he could see how much his wife liked a real cock deep in her Latina pussy.  So – tell me, if you got to fuck the wife of a cheating bastard, would you send him the film? See more of this cheating Mexican Girl mother I’d like to fuck  on Glass Mannequin.

Young And Errant Mom Oh God – Oh God

Real Colorado chick Violet Little must be a very religious chick – that or she thinks that the dirty old man standing behind her, hammering his fat schlong deep in her small little cunt, is some sort of deity because the small brunette from Colorado Springs keeps crying out “Oh God, Oh God” as she has multiple orgasms from the incredible fucking the old man is delivering. Or maybe she thinks it’s only appropriate as she looks down from her perch in the tree above the beautiful natural formation know as “Garden Of The Gods”. I imagine the old man just thought he was in heaven as the two finished in one large mutual orgasm. Now clean that semen off your back chick!

So – if you find yourself wandering through the Garden Of The Gods and you hear a beautiful voice singing “Oh God, Oh God”, It’s probably not angels – but the beautiful voice of a cute brunette having multiple orgasms in the hills above you. Join Real Colorado Girls to download the full clip.

Errant Mom Me And A Friend Pounding The Same Twat

I don’t do too many bbg scenes on Glass Mannequin – not because I don’t like sharing a little snatch once in a while but mostly because most guys can’t keep up or get intimidated when the old bastard shows them up – lol. Actually my dude Sabin had been checking out my current squeeze for a while and when he found her at the corner store he decided it was his chance to get himself a little snatch. Where he fucked up was bringing the whore back to my place and trying to use my hot tub – so I just figured it was my “right” to join in.

Blaze Burnz and Sabin Busted In My Hot Tub

Blaze Burnz and Sabin Busted In My Hot Tub

And this tattooed young mom is one of the best cocksuckers I’ve ever known so having her slobber all over my schlong was fabulous – even if my best dude was behind her skanky butt stuffing his 9? schlong as deep in her wet little cunt as possible. I call that a stuffed whore! See it all on Glass Mannequin or click on the pic of her getting stuffed to enjoy a few free three-some smut shoots.

Blaze Burnz Sucking My Cock

Blaze Burnz Sucking My Cock

Of course – fucking in the hot tub can kill an old man so I talked the kids into moving into the living room where we had a little more room to carry on our debauchery. And from the look of the pictures – Blaze likes the long schlong in her snatch and the fat schlong in her mouth…..   But damn – this babe can suck schlong!

tattooed teen mom fucking two guys

Tattooed teen mom Mom Fucking Two Guys

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Hot Mom Blondes Need Cock Too

The sexy teenage blonde, Gracelynn Moans, loves coochie but sometimes this sexy blonde needs a hard dick to fill her wet little teenage coochie. In this clip, the tattooed teenage mom returns from a date with the much older guy next door and is soon fucking the old man like he’s the neighborhood stud. In these free clip galleries you can see how much this misbehaving tattooed cunt likes dick.

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